• Classic Dogging

  • We got out of the car and stood at the front. Unsure of the exact protocol at these kind of things I decided just to be direct.

    I crouched down and quickly pulled my partners cock out. He was more or less rock hard from the display I had put on in the car and after a few strokes from my hands he was fully erect and throbbing.

    I began to suck him off taking him deep in my mouth as he leaned against the front of the car. I bent over displaying my bare pussy and stocking tops to the rest of the people in the car park as my short skirt rode up round my waist.

    Soon a few guys had drifted over and stood around watching us. As I carried on sucking off my partner they seemed to get more confident and came in closer.

    I felt a pair of hands begin to massage my ass and looked round to find a guy standing close behind me. When I went back to sucking my partner I felt him run his fingers up and down my soaking wet slit covering them in my juices.

    My partner began to groan and buck his hips forcing his cock deep into my mouth. With a grunt he came and I felt his hot spunk shoot into the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but allowed a trickle to run down my chin and drip onto my tits for effect.

    As he pulled his cock from my mouth there was another one positioned beside my face almost instantly. The guy that had been rubbing my pussy now had his hard cock out and was offering it up to me.

    I bent over and hungrily began to suck him off playing with his balls as I did so. As I sucked him he untied the one strap around my neck and pulled my top down exposing my large young breasts and erect nipples. He began to play with my tits and tug on my nipples as I sucked him.

    Before long he also began to moan and seconds later he exploded in my mouth filling it with another hot load of spunk. This time I didn’t manage to swallow even half of it and it dribbled from my mouth covering my tits. I massaged his spunk over my hard nipples as I smiled at the crowd. I was happy to see that all the guys now had their cocks out.

    Another guy stepped forward, younger than the first but with a larger thicker cock. Expecting to suck him off I made to bend over but he quickly took control and bent me over the front of the car. I looked at my partner for the go ahead. He smiled and gave me a nod.

    The guy ran his cock up and down my now well juiced up slit covering his throbbing helmet in my juices. With one hard thrust he pushed himself fully into my tight warm hole filling me with his thick shaft.

    He began to fuck me hard and fast, my tits rubbing against the car bonnet as he thrust himself into me. The other guys were laughing and telling him to fuck me harder. With a final series of furious thrusts the guy groaned and I felt his cum fill my pussy deep inside me.

    He held himself fully submerged in me till his dick went limp. He slid it out pulling some of his cum with it causing it to run down my legs and soak into my stockings.

    Seconds later another guy approached me. He was older and had a pretty small cock. He pushed his little cock into my spunky pussy and began to fuck me as fast as he could. It didn’t take him long at all before he moaned and shot a second load of spunk into my pussy.

    As soon as he pulled out his cock was replaced my another one. This one was a better size and I could feel every inch as he slowly slid himself into me. As he fucked me I began to rub my clit with one hand and tease my nipples with the other.

    This brought me closer and closer to cumming and soon the deep hard fucking I was receiving sent me over the edge. I screamed as an orgasm ripped through me and my spunk filled pussy tightened round the guys shaft.

    This proved to much for him as well and he grunted as with one final thrust he unloaded another shot of spunk deep inside my pussy.

    He also pulled out and went back to join the crowd. There I was, bent over a car bonnet, my tits out, my pussy on show and with 3 loads of cum running down my legs. I felt so dirty, and so horny!

    Another guy approached me, I hadn’t noticed him before. He was black and from past experiences I knew what that meant.

    He pulled his cock out. I admired the length and girth of his black meat as he began to wank it to full stiffness in front of me.

    I watched as he slowly rolled his foreskin back and forth over his bulging helmet until he was totally erect and his 10 inch thick black cock throbbed proudly in front of him.

    He positioned himself behind me and began to run his helmet up and down my pussy lips coating it in the spunk mixed with my juices that was leaking from my well fucked cunt.

    Every so often he would tease me by sliding the fires few inches of his cock into me before withdrawing it again. This went on for a little while before he once again ran his helmet up my pussy over my moist lips.

    This time, instead of stopping at my dripping hole he carried on up and instead stopped at my tight brown ass hole. I braced myself as he eased his thick spunk covered cock past my ass hole and slowly slid his length inside me.

    Just when I thought I couldn’t take another inch I felt his heavy balls rest against my pussy lips. He gave me a few seconds to get use to the sensation of his huge cock inside my ass before gently withdrawing it again.

    As he slowly thrust himself in and out of my ass the initial pain was replaced by pleasure. I began to moan as he fucked my ass and he increased his pace as I did so.

    Soon I was screaming as he was fucking me deep hard and fast with his huge cock. He pulled out fully leaving my brown ass hole gaping wide open for everyone to see before spitting onto in for extra lube and thrusting back inside me.

    As he rode my ass another orgasm tore through my body and I screamed as my pussy exploded sending another mixture of spunk and juices running down my legs.

    He began to tell me that he was going to cum, he grabbed my hair as I felt him explode inside me firing shot after shot of spunk deep into my ass hole.

    In one motion he quickly pulled his cock out of me, my gaping wide ass unable to contain his spunk which dripped out of me onto the ground. He pulled my head round and with a few flicks of his wrist sent another few shots of spunk erupting from his cock into my face.

    I managed to get my mouth over his throbbing cock and sucked every last drop of spunk from his heavy black balls. I continued to suck him off till I had swallowed everything he had to offer and began to go soft in my mouth.