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    What is Dogging - Rather than us explain what dogging is, we thought it would be best coming from the words of one of the UK's most famous dogging female's, so in Rachel's own words this is what dogging is....

  • Dogging is raw, dogging is animalistic, dogging is filthy and anonymous – you can get as much cock as you can handle and all at the click of your fingers

    A dark dingy car park, the only lights are of those from car head lights, feeling your excitement build as each and every car pulls into the car park and hearing the tyres on the gravel you know that in every car is a filthy horny bloke with balls full of cum just looking for a willing hole to dump their loads inside

    Standing over the bonnet of the car, keeping your eyes closed you simply have no clue who is touching you, where your going to be touched but oh boy it feels good!

    Your pussy is tingling with desire, you don’t care who it is but you need fucking, and fucking good and hard – spreading your legs you entice your hard cock stranger to push himself inside you, allowing him access to you most intimate and private area of your body without a care in the world

    Your feeling slutty, sexy and extremely aroused – you just want cock!!

    Rachel Reveals

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